Trend® Ultra Concentrate with Bleach

  • Trend Ultra Concentrate with Bleach

Product Description

Trend® Ultra Concentrate liquid detergent with Bleach Alternative combines great cleaning with color safe bleach alternative to remove stains…at pennies per load. Trend® Ultra Concentrate detergents are optimized for standard and high efficiency (HE) washers.

  • Fresh Clean Scent with Bleach Alternative

    A light, refreshing outdoor scent inspired by breezy tropical gardens.

    Size & Loads

    50 oz (25 loads) | 150 oz (75 loads)


    Water, Alcohol Ethoxy Sulfate (Cleaning Ingredient), Sodium Carbonate (Water Softener), Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (Cleaning Ingredient), Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Control), Tetrasodium Edta (Chelator), Disodium Diaminostilbene Disulfonic Acid Or Disodium Distryl Beiphenyl Disulfonate (Brightener), Methylisothiazolinone (Preservative), Fragrance, Liquitint Blue (Colorant).