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Machine Wash Symbols

  • Machine Washable

    Machine Washable

    Use Regular/Normal cycle with regular agitation and spin speed. This is the most vigorous wash cycle.


  • Permanent Press Wash Setting

    Permanent Press Wash Setting

    Use Permanent Press/Wrinkle Resistant washer setting, which usually has a cool down or cold spray before the reduced spin. This setting is for stain or wrinkle-resistant


  • Gentle Wash Setting

    Gentle Wash Setting

    Use Gentle/Delicate washer setting (slow agitation and/or reduced wash time). This setting is for lingerie, machine-washable sweaters, and other delicate fabrics.


  • Hand Wash Only

    Hand Wash Only

    Hand wash only in sink with cold water and a gentle detergent.


  • Not Machine Washable

    Not Machine Washable

    Do not Machine Wash. Check if dry clean washable.


  • Machine Wash Max 200° F

    Machine Wash Max 200° F

    Maximum water temperature 200° F/95° C.


  • Machine Wash Max 160° F

    Machine Wash Max 160° F

    Maximum water temperature 160° F/70° C.


  • Machine Wash Max 140° F

    Machine Wash Max 140° F

    Maximum water temperature 140° F/60° C.


  • Machine Wash Hot

    Machine Wash Hot

    Maximum water temperature 120° F/50° C.


  • Machine Wash Warm

    Machine Wash Warm

    Maximum water temperature 105° F/40° C.


  • Machine Wash Cold

    Machine Wash Cold

    Maximum water temperature 85° F/30° C.